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Victim Of Changes
The Ripper
Diamonds And Rust Dissident Agressor
Beyond The Realms Of Death Saints In Hell
Hell Bent For Leather The Green Manalishi Before The Dawn Running Wild
Breaking The Law Metal Gods Grinder United Living After Midnight Rapid Fire Steeler / The Rage
Heading Out To The Highway Hot Rockin’ Desert Plains Solar Angels
Electric Eye Riding On The Wind Bloodstone You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ Devils Child Fever
Freewheel Burning Jawbreaker Rock Hard Ride Free The Sentinel Eat Me Alive Some Heads Are Gonna Roll Love Bites
Out In The Cold Turbo
Blood Red Skies
Painkiller Hell Patrol All Guns Blazing Night Crawler A Touch Of Evil One Shot At Glory
Judas Is Rising Revolution
Slow Down
Firepower Lightning Strikes